a-Musik staff picks Februar 2020

John Chantler & Johannes Lund, Andersabo LP/CD (Not On Label)
Jan St. Werner, Molocular Meditation LP (Editions Mego)
Oval, Scis LP/CD (Thrill Jockey)
Will Guthrie, Nist-Nah LP/CD (Black Truffle)
Timo van Luijk & Frederik Croene, Ipnopedion LP (La Sciee Dorée)
Ana da Silva & Phew, Island 2LP/CD (Shouting Out Loud!)
Severed Heads, Clean 2LP (Dark Entries)
Sven-Ake Johansson & Thomas Kapielski, Das Moabiter Duo – Recovered LP (Fantome Verlag)
Jon Gibson, Songs & Melodies 2LP (Superior Viaduct)
Pisse, Hornhaut ist der beste Handschuh 7“ (Phantom Records)

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A Standardized Hypnotic Truth: Hypnosis on vinyl record

A Standardized Hypnotic Truth: Hypnosis on vinyl record between 1930 and 1989

Spätkauf / Ausstellung

Donnerstag 5. März 2020 19 -22 Uhr

On the peak of the Cold War, Hypnosis reached a height of popularity. For a while Hypnosis obtained mainstream’s attention and a niche phenomenon unfolds: Hypnosis on vinyl record. Between 1930 and 1989 approximately 160 records on the theme are being produced worldwide and in total – and proved the helical vinyl record as the hypnotic medium per se.

The format covered a wide range of topics and intentions: from smoking cessation and weight loss hypnosis, to Autosuggestion-method, home study courses and stage hypnosis. But beyond its therapeutical application, above all the hypnosis record anticipated nowadays self-help culture and its hence resulting self-improvement craze.

A Standardized Hypnotic Truth: Hypnosis on vinyl record between 1930 and 1989 recounts the history of the hypnosis record through a selection of artefacts, audio clips and archival findings. 

Curated by Tim Tetzner

Von 19.00 bis 20.30 spielt Tim Tetzner eine Auswahl an Hypnoseplatten aus dem Archiv