Spätkauf Lieven Martens (DITF) & Spencer Clarke (PCSV)

Spätkauf Donnerstag 06.04.2017, 19-22h

Record presentation of Lieven Martens Moana's "Idylls" LP + book on Pacific City Sound Visions

Lieven Martens and Spencer Clark of Pacific City Sound Visions will be attending a-musik in Cologne on thursday April 6th to present Lieven Martens Moana's startling new lp "Idylls". The artist formerly known as Dolphins Into The Future will be playing selections from his new lp and the label boss that brought you the Frank Dommert "Kiefermusik" reissue will be DJing from his obscure 80s Asian video library. First you will hear the strikingly serene new poetic compositions from Lieven Martens, whilst having the opportunity to buy his new album "Idylls"("zer billig" gute Preis!), and den, and secondly, if not finally, you go dark/fantasy asian lady boy Vietnamese club mix with Pacific City DJ Spencer Clark. Please join, from all over, zer schoen... (Pacific City Sound Visions and Edicoes Cn)


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