Spätkauf Baumusik

Donnerstag 06.10.2016

Ab 19 Uhr

Der Laden ist bis 22 Uhr geöffnet.

Ein langer Donnerstag im Zeichen des Kollektivlabels Baumusik, das sich kürzlich erst aus dem Dunstkreis der Kölner Off-Location Baustelle Kalk heraus gebildet hat. Verschiedene BaumusikerInnen & DJs werden Platten drehen. Zudem verkauft das Acid-Duo Camp Inc. schon heute sein morgen offiziell via Baumusik erscheinendes Album "Perché La Notte"  höchstpersönlich an der Ladentheke.



Lord Tang live bei a-musik

Lord tang live bei a-musik

Donnerstag 29.09.2016

Konzertbeginn 20h (pünktlich)

Konzertende 20.30h 

Wir freuen uns Dominic Cramp zu einem kleinen Konzert bei uns im Laden zu Gast zu haben.

Lord Tang is a warm descent into a dub fueled frenzy of color and light. Dancing inside the vividly colorful abstract narratives created by artist Kelly Porter, Lord Tang, in white tuxedo with white painted face, creates a moving canvas that mirrors the kaleidoscopic surrealism of his sound. It is a sound dredged from the depths of Jamaican dub and spun into a new form that incorporates the many influences on Lord Tang’s creator, Dominic Cramp: soundtracks, vintage science fiction, British dark comedy, dirty electronics, modular electronic music, abstract tone clouds. It is a sound and sight that fills a room and transforms it into a ship set sailing into parts unknown.

Dominic Cramp has taken Lord Tang to several venues on the West Coast of the United States and all over Europe. He is an active member of Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista and currently involved in the Talking Book , an abstract instrumental project with Jared Blum and Bill Gould from Faith No More, that more recently has taken him down to Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Look for a new full length Lord Tang record in late 2016 on the Belgian label Meakusma and the third and final installment of his trio of EPs for the Alarm label.



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