a-Musik staff picks September 2019

Anadol, Uzun Havalar LP (Pingipung)
Remo Seeland, Hollow Body LP (Hallow Ground)
Woo, All Is Well LP (Slowboy)
Renaldo & The Loaf, Songs for Swinging Larvae / Songs from the Surgery 2LP (Editions Mego)
Koehler, Winged EP 12“ (Disk)
Periode, 1/2/3 EP 12“ (Weltschmerz Verlag)
Tidy Kid, Selected Works 06-10 LP (Hauch)
Francois J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley, Cylene 2LP (repress Ende September)
Microtub, Chronic Shift LP (Bohemian Drips)
The Cray Twins, In The Company Of Architects CD (Fang Bomb)

a-Musik Radio - staff picks September 2019

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