Spätkauf mit Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet

Donnerstag 08-11-2012

ab 19 Uhr

Spätkauf mit Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet, Kopenhagen, Dänemark

"I will play a properly disparate selection of Japanese music: new wave experimental electronic synth impro minimal wave kayokyoku tape music eleki turntablism and more.
The main appeal of djing to me, apart from the general pleasure and displeasure of music, is the music archive itself (accumulating, filing, etc.) and the basic function of bringing together from the archive more or less conflicting elements. That, I think, is the purpose."
Thomas Kyhn Rovsing Hjørnet

Thomas reist extra aus Kopenhagen an, um bei uns aufzulegen! Jetzt schon an Weihnachten denken, stressfreier Geschenkeeinkauf bis 23 Uhr.

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