a-Musik staff picks August 2020

Jon Hassell, Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two) LP/CD (Ndeya)
Shirley Collins, Heart’s Ease LP/CD (Domino Records)
Al Chem, Metaphysics of Love 12“ (Compost)
Rosaceae, Efia LP (Pudel Produkte)
Eiko Ishibashi, Hyakki Yagyo LP (Black Truffle Records)
Ai Aso, The Faintest Hint LP (Ideologic Organ)
V.A., Vanity Box I 6CD (Kyou Records)
Augustus Pablo, One Step Dub LP (Greensleeves)
Marcus Schmickler, Richters Pattern 2CD (Tochnit Aleph)
Eugen Ughetti, Agglomeration of Measurement CD (Room40)

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