a-Musik staff picks Dezember 2017

Bob Bellerue, Yamaha Deluxe 2CD (iDEAL Recordings)
Che Chen & Robbie Lee, The Spectrum Does LP (audioMER)
Current 93, Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (The Spheres)
Going, Like Comment LP (Meakusma)
C Spencer Yeh, The RCA Mark II LP (Primary Information)
Ariel Kalma, French Archives 1977-80 4LP (Black Sweat Records)
Lau Nau, Poseidon CD (Fonal)
Nocturnal Emissions, S/t 2LP/CD (Mannequin)
Yasuaki Shimizu, Kakashi LP/CD (Palto Flats)
V.A., Public Folder #3 Golden Edition Record (2LP & Book) 

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