a-musik staff picks april

Chris Abrahams, Fluid to the Influence LP/CD (Room40)
Karel Appel, Musique Barbare LP/CD (Sub Rosa)
Henning Christiansen, Requiem of Art Fluxorum Organum II Opus 50 LP (Penultimate Press)
Peter Cusack, After Being in Holland for Two Years LP (Blume)
Tony Conrad with Faust, Outside the Dream Syndicate LP/CD (Superior Viaduct)
John Duncan, Bitter Earth LP (iDEAL RECORDINGS)
Michaela Melian, Electric Ladyland Book/LP/CD (Lenbachhaus)
Danny Oxenberg & Bear Galvin (Pillow Mt. Conspiracy), Late Superimpositions LP (Three:Four Records)
Razen, Endrhymes LP (K-raa-k)
Ytamo, MI WO CD (Someone Good)

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