a-musik staff picks june 2015

Cocoon, While The Recordings Engineer Sleeps LP (Staubgold)
E.E.K., Kahraba LP (Nashazphone)
The Fall, Sub-Lingual Tablet 2LP/CD (Cherry Red)
Master Musicians of Joujouka, Into the Ahl Srif LP (Ergot)
Schneider TM, Mobilee CD (Exponate)
Shuttle358, Can You Prove I Was Born LP (12k)
C Spencer Yeh, Solo Voice I-X LP (Primary Information)
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld, Never Were the Way She Was LP/CD (Constellation)
Mika Taanila, Stimulus Progression 10" (Apparent Extent)
When, The Black Death LP (Ideologic Organ)

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