Doddodo live / instore

Dienstag 9.12.2014

live im a-Musik Laden

20h (pünktlich!)

Doddodo (Osaka)

Support: Tadahiro Ishihara

Doddodo comes from the bustling scene of Osaka, where almost every group seems to give birth to a new musical genre. She began recording in the early noughties, playing with a pair of samplers allowing her to shamelessly mix heavy hip-hop beats and world music loops, dirty bass lines and garage-sale-Casio sounds.

The former little sister in the goofy breakcore family, (Maruosa, OVE-Naxx, DJ Scotch Egg, with whom she pulled off a booming European tour in 2008), Doddodo also lays her voice on her melodies, at times raging like a fury, at other times disarming with simplicity and raw emotion. In the wake of her fourth album, the lovely Do, she formed a band taking her tracks in a bric-a-brac of mischievous clarinet, shaggy violin and sheepish tap dancing.

When performing solo, she also explores a more introspective and electronic direction, without losing a bit of her magnetism and playfulness. Since 2010, Doddodo also runs the Kongari Ongaku label, alongside Motaco Ishii (Oshiri Pen Penz) and Yudai Mori (neconemuru).


Tadahiro Ishihara
Born in 1979, lives in Osaka.
While studying fine arts in university, he veered towards music in search of a freer way of expression. Influenced by free jazz, experimental music, ethnic music, bedroom produced music, he started playing saxophone in various improvised sessions as well as self-made instruments in solo performances, while studying buddhist sculpture as a professional craftsman. He also works as a sound engineer for the Osaka cult rock band Oshiri Pen Penz. Ishihara toured Europe twice, with his band Rokumantai and as a support member of Darugaries and Degurutieni. In recent years, he started using modular synthesizers to broaden his field of expression.


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