a-musik staff top 50 2013

here are our the top 50 records of 2013, selected by the a-musik crew. our bestseller, highlights and recommendations - 25 new titles and 25 archival titles/rereleases:

Dean Blunt, The Redeemer LP/CD (Hippos in Tanks)
Broadcast, Berberian Sound Studio LP/CD (Warp)
Büdche Boys, Lizenz vom Phil 2x7" (Sev Jam)
DJ Rashad, Double Cup LP/CD (Hyperdub)
Don't DJ, rid.em MLP (Diskant)
Dus-ti, -EP MLP (Ti-Records)
Focus Group, Elektrik Karousel LP/CD (Ghost Box)
Echo Ho, Still Noise 01 LP (Slower Cooler Office)
Johnny Superglu, Best Basket Beat 12" (Plynt Records)
Kink Gong, Voice LP (Discrepant) 
Felix Kubin, Zemsta Plutona 2LP/CD (Gagarin/ZickZack)
Lord Tang, S/t LP (ALARM)
Michaela Melián, Monaco LP/CD (Monika Enterprise)
Lubomyr Melnyk, Windmills CD (Hinterzimmer)
Norbert Möslang/Beni Bischof, Hai Kein Wal LP (Bots)
Phill Niblock, Touch Five 2CD (Touch)
Andrew Pekler, Cover Versions LP (Fantome Verlag/Senufo Editions)
Pye Corner Audio, Conical Space LP (Dekorder)
Ras G, Back on the Planet 2LP/CD (Brainfeeder)
Sagor & Swing, Botvid Grenlunds Park LP (Häpna)
Sleaford Mods, Austerity Dogs LP (Harbinger Sound)
Sun Papa & The Fan Club Orchestra, An Insane Portrait LP (Sonig)
Aoki Takamasa, Constant Flow LP (Svakt)
Tattoo Rock/Die Weightwatchers, Future Blues/Unknown Unknowns LP (New Amerika Tapes)
V.A., Noise of Cologne 2 CD (Mark e.V.)

Atom TM & Friends, The Eccentric Electrics Of CD (The Omni Recording Corporation)
Francois Bayle, Les Couleurs de la Nuit LP/CD (Sub Rosa)
Jean Dubuffet, Coucou Bazar 2CD (Sub Rosa)
Embryo, Message from Era Ora LP (Black Sweat Records)
Finis Africae, A Last Discovery. The Essential Collection: 1984-2001 LP/CD (EM Records)
Fröhliche Eiszeit, Im Luftschutzkeller, im Büro, in der Fabrik und zu Hause LP (Kernkrach)
Ariel Kalma, Osmose LP (Black Sweat Records)
Steve Lacy & Joe McPhee, The Rest LP (Roaratorio)
Leven Signs, Hemp is Here LP (Digitalis)
Sani Mammane & Son Orgue, La Musique Electronique du Niger LP (Mississippi Records)
Hailu Mergia, & His Classical Instrument, She LP/CD (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Phill Niblock, Nothin to Look at Just a Record LP (Superior Viaduct)
William Onyeabor, Who is William Onyeabor? 3LP (Luaka Bop)
Daphne Oram/Tom Dissevelt, Electronic Sound Patterns/Eklectronic Movements 10" (Trunk)
The Paper Hats, Come and See LP (Apparent Extent)
Bernard Parmegiani, De Natura Sonorum LP (Recollection GRM)
Popol Vuh, Affenstunde LP (Wah Wah Records)
Eliane Radigue, Feedback Works/Vice-Versa, Etc... (Alga Marghen)
Saboten, Floor et Satie 2LP (EM Records)
Patrick Vian, Bruits et Temps Analogue LP (Staubgold)
Vox Populi, Half Dead Ganja Music LP (Pacific Sound Visions)
Igor Wakhevitch, Logos LP (Fauni Gena)
Ruth White, Flowers of Evil LP (Black Mass)
V.A., Sounds of Silence LP (Alga Marghen)

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