a-musik staff picks Oktober 2011

Bruce Haack - Haackula (Omni Recordings Corporation) CD
Johnny Superglu - Wewewe (Disques Mazout) 7"
Leyland Kirby - Eager to tear apart the stars (History always favours) LP/CD
Mixed Band Philanthropist - The impossible humane (Hypnagogia) K7
Nord - L.S.D. LP (PCP Records) LP
Schlammpeitziger - Vorausschauende Bebauung (sonig) LP/CD
Senking - Tweek (Raster-Noton) MLP
Stan Warnow - Deconstructing Dad (Waterfall Film) DVD
Ursula Bogner - Sonne = Blackbox (Fatiche) LP/CD
Water Borders - Harbored Mantras (Tri Angle) LP/CD

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