Spätkauf mit Position Normal (UK) & Wolfram Wire

Donnerstag 02-09-2010, ab 19h

a-Musik Spätkauf mit Position Normal (live) & Wolfram Wire (DJ)

Der Laden ist bis 23 Uhr geöffnet.
Konzert 20:00 - 20:45h, davor und danach DJ Wolfram Wire

"London's acclaimed purveyor of bric-a-brac beats and sampled wooze, Position Normal. Widely cited as a precursor to the hauntology movement which also includes Ghost Box, Moon Wiring Club and The Caretaker, Position Normal aka Chris Bailiff has released three terrific - and terrifically odd - albums to date, 'Stop Your Nonsense', 'Goodly Time' and 'Position Normal'. Live at the a-Musik shop."

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Download Position Normal's Exotic Pylon mix for Resonance FM

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