Spätkauf mit Al Pasota

Donnerstag 03-12-2009 ab 19 Uhr

"Al Pasota, retro dudes spezial: "Music for tongue-tired post-hipsters and people who have nothing to not say"

Der Laden ist bis 23 Uhr geöffnet.


Unknown said...

madonna santissima! El Lugubre, incendiate la chiesa e nascondete le vergini nel granaio!

Anonymous said...

wtf - looks like a winner ;)

Stanley Delgado said...

Retro Dudes zum Fest der Liebe (oder was ist Weihnachten noch mal?)
Sehr gute Massnahme.

Unknown said...

I'm a tongue-tired post(ish) hipster and I'd make it if I could, but as it stands, there will be an entire country AND an ocean between me and a-musik on 3. Dez. I'm sure the lot of you will be well taken care of by Mr. Lugubre and the Retro Dudes. Next time I will break some necks to be there!

rk said...

Panic can be an incredible energizer.