Frank D. Top 12 2007

Frank Dommert Top 12 2007

The Green Arrows "4 Track Recording Session" Open House
The Red Krayola With Art & Language "Sighs Trapped By Liars" Drag City
Ferdinand Kriwet "Hörtexte / Radiotexts" Edition RZ
Various "Lipa Kodi Ya City Council" Mississippi Records
Francois Dufrene "Oeuvre Desintegrales" Alga Marghen
Noah Howard "The Black Ark" Bo'Weavil
Bambam Babylon Bajasch "Finest Brewed Dubplates" Sozialistischer Plattenbau
Fan Club Orchestra "CD Is Future" sonig
Wareika Hill Sounds "Wareika Hill Sounds" Honest Jon's Records
Chuck Turner / Professor Grizzly "Trying To Conquer I / Fight The Professor" Basic Replay
Tenniscoats "Tan-Tan Therapy" Häpna
Various "Colombia!" Soundway

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